Add dimension to your property with the sights and sound of water. Water features add sound, texture, and movement to landscaping designs and help homeowners to feel that their surroundings are more natural and unique. Imagine coming home from work, dropping your papers at the door, and wandering around to the patio table next to your water feature. The stressful day can melt away as you listen to the cascading water washing away your workday cares. But the sounds of nature aren’t the only benefit of your water feature.

  • Water features attract natural wildlife and enhance your local ecosystem. As soon as your water feature is installed, you’ll begin to notice an increase in wildlife on your property. Birds will visit, and dragonflies will dart around. Your yard will become a haven for beneficial wildlife. Inviting wildlife onto your property provides endless hours of entertainment and educational opportunities for you and your family.
  • Water features can be adapted to fit smaller spaces. Don’t automatically dismiss the idea of including water features in your landscaping design just because you have a small yard. Well-designed pondless water elements don’t require much space, so you can still enjoy the sound of water and the increased wildlife without taking up much of your precious land.
  • Waterscaping requires very little maintenance. Simple wall fountains, huge cascading waterfalls, and other pondless water features are great choices if you don’t want to deal with much maintenance. The water in these features essentially re-circulates, so they don’t use much water and or grow much bacteria. Pondless water features are also great for families with young children because they don’t pose safety risks.

If you’d like to enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, invite wildlife onto your property, and fill your space with a low-maintenance, one-of-a-kind landscaping element, talk to us about including a water feature in your landscaping.

Fine Cut Lawn Service, LLC is an insured and licensed company offering full-service lawn care. We can handle a wide range of tasks for your commercial property needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • sloganlandscaping
  • spring/fall cleanup
  • weed control & fertilizer
  • mowing & trimming
  • tree and shrub care
  • aeration & thatching
  • irrigation
  • holiday lighting
  • snow & ice management

Fine Cut Lawn Service is committed to our customer’s needs and pride ourselves on attention to detail with complete customer satisfaction as our number one goal. We achieve this by maintaining a limited number of lawns, to allow us to give personal attention to each customer, preventing the rush to the next lawn. Our second commitment to you as a customer is to ensure an owner of the company is on-site each time we are working.