Fine Cut Lawn Service is one of the only providers in central Iowa treating Emerald Ash Borer with Arborjet injections. Download brochure.

emerald-ash-borerThe Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive pest introduced from Asia that attacks ash trees. This metallic wood boring beetle was found in Detroit, Michigan and Ontario, Canada in 2002 and has continued to spread across the U.S. and Canada. EAB larvae live under the bark of a tree and feed in the vascular cambium, disrupting the flow of water and nutrients essential to a tree’s health.


  • Dieback in the tree canopy
  • New sprouts forming from the tree’s base
  • “D” shaped exit holes
  • Woodpecker damage

Treatment Facts


  • Treating with trunk injections is no longer expensive
  • The removal of ash trees can be over 10x the cost of treatment

Treatment Frequency

  • Tree-age Insecticide controls EAB for 2 years with a single application, and one application typically takes 10-15 minutes or less.


  • Independent university tests have proven Arborjet’s injections provide maximum EAB control.


  • If left untreated, EAB may result in sever devastation of the country’s ash tree population.
  • Arborjet equipment applies a small & precise dose inside each tree, eliminating the need for chemical applications via soil drenching and spraying.

The National Tree Benefit Calculator Shows:

Trees pay us back in annual savings for things like storm water runoff, property value and energy.

  • One 15″ diameter ash tree can provide benefits of $144/year.
  • Additionally: 17″ diameter white ash can provide benefits of $217/year.

Treatment Works!

TREE-age is the ONLY product to achieve 2 years of control for Emerald Ash Borer.

Independent university studies have shown TREE-age to be the most effective treatment of Emerald Ash Borer on Ash trees.

Why trunk injections?

Arborjet trunk injections seal formulations directly inside a tree’s vascular system ensuring an accurate dose that moves quickly to the target. Trunk injections limit the need to make foliar or soil applications, and research shows greater efficacy with trunk injections.

Why use Arborjet?

Arborjet’s TREE I.V and QUIK-jet injection systems along with its full line of formulations have been designed by arborists for arborists. Similar to a hospital IV or injection, Arborjet products are designed to deliver a controlled dosage of formulation directly into the transport tissue of a tree where it is then distributed throught the tree.

What products do I use?

Independent research has shown that TREE-age is the most effective and efficient management option for Emerald Ash Borer. TREE-age provides up to 2 years of control for Emerald Ash Borer.

The Arborjet Method

  1. Drill
  2. Plug
  3. Inject
  • Uses Arborplug technology
  • Fastest product delivery times
  • No risk of cambial infection
  • Closed injection site
  • Lowest wound profile