Sowing Seed By HandFine Cut Lawn Service can help you decide whether seeding or sodding is the correct choice for your lawn and lifestyle and implement your choice.

Seeding is best done in the late summer/early fall, when the seeds have time to become established before the coming winter. Seeding allows a strong root system to develop initially and has more grass varieties available than sodding does. The disadvantages of seeding is the time it takes for the plant to establish a root system and moisture is critical to the seedlings.

laying-sod-fine-cut-lawn-serviceSodding can be done at any time during the growing season, and is best suited to areas of high erosion or slopes. Sod quickly becomes established with very few weeds in the beginning. The disadvantages of sodding are the expensive nature of sod, and there is less selection in the types of grasses available. Sod needs to be placed as soon as possible after it has been harvested for best results.